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About Us

The Orlando Comic Expo is a comic book convention located in Orlando, Florida. The convention premiered on September 23, 2012. As long-time comic book fans (and Orlando natives), the promoters behind the Tampa Bay Comic Con wanted to bring a similarly-styled comic convention to the city of Orlando. The convention has exhibitors that cater to a wide-spectrum of merchandise including comic books, magazines, toys, games, anime, manga, cosplay, artwork, sketches and apparel. In addition, a roster of comic industry professionals and comicdom-related celebrities are present for attendees to meet. As admission is kept low for adults and free for children, the Orlando Comic Expo is a family-friendly convention.

Past guests include:

  • Bob Camp

  • Tim Townsend

  • Ben Templesmith

  • Ron Wilson

  • Nalini Krishan

  • Richard LeParmentier

  • Christian Slade

  • Richard Livingston

  • Drake Bell

  • Dennis Calero

  • Paul Gulacy

  • Bob Hall

  • Alex Maleev

  • Cary Nord

  • Keith Pollard

  • Rodney Ramos

Past Promotional Posters

Thing poster (created by Ron Wilson)

Thing poster by Ron Wilson

Avengers poster (created by Dennis Calero)

Avengers Poster by Dennis Calero

Batman print (created by Alex Maleev)

Batman print by Alex Maleev